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Windows Firewall Notifier -- Extends Vista/Seven Firewall

The firewall that comes with Windows Vista and Windows 7 is actually quite powerful. Unfortunately, it takes a firewall expert to do much more than block unwanted incoming connections with it because one needs to write rules to handle anything else. Windows Fire Notifier is a small program and hooks into Windows Firewall and pops up whenever a program tries to use the Internet, allowing you to either allow it (it will write the firewall rule to do so for you) or continue to block it. This provides most of the additional firewall functionality one gets with commercial software firewalls -- without the "heavy" additional program.

Windows Firewall Notifier (WFN) extends the default Windows embedded firewall behavior, allowing to handle outgoing connections, and displaying (almost) real-time information about the current connections.

This application only uses existing Windows features, enabling some of them when first launched:

* Enables the Windows embedded firewall
* Sets the firewall to block both inbound and outbound connections for which no rule exists
* Enables the default Windows firewall inbound connection notification
* Enables the Windows firewall outbound connections logging (disabled by default)
* Creates a scheduled task linked to the Windows firewall event log entries, allowing Windows Firewall Notifier to be launched when needed only

Once enabled (after a first launch), the application will show a notification balloon when an application attempts an outgoing connexion while not being allowed to do so. A click on the notification will display a dialog box, allowing the user to:

* temporarily allow the application
* create a rule for the application, so that it will always be able to connect
* block the application once only, after what other notifications may (will) appear
* always block the application (no notification will therefore be displayed afterwards)

If you do not already have a commercial software firewall, Windows Firewall Notifier will give you most of the extra firewall features you really need using the free firewall that came with your copy of Windows Vista/7.

Rating: 4.0
Operating System: Windows Vista or Windows 7
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Version Tested: 1.7.0
Web Site: http://wokhan.online.fr/progs.php?sec=WFN

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