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Jumplist Extender -- Add Functions to Windows7 Jumplists

Jumplists are one of the most useful new features in the Windows 7 taskbar. Programs with well designed jumplists allow you to do all sorts of useful things by right-clicking on the taskbar button. Unfortunately, older programs do not know about jumplists and even many new programs do not take full advantage of jumplists. Jumplist Extender is a free program that allows you to add new items to a program's jumplist -- even older program that are not aware of jumplists.

Jumplist Extender is a custom jump list editor that allows you to configure jump lists for any of your programs. You can add tasks that perform any action for your program automatically, through typing keyboard shortcuts, running command lines, or writing AutoHotKey scripts. Turn junky, cryptic "recent files lists," into rich, productive, time-saving jump lists!

Features include:

Create Your Own Jump List Tasks -- Jumplist Extender lets you add quick tasks very easily! Just press the keyboard shortcut as if you were in your program, and your task will automatically perform that shortcut when you select it! For more advanced users, command line switches are supported as well. These essential tasks are as basic as a person can get!

Add Any File or Folder to your Jump Lists --You can add any file or folder to any jump list you create! While Windows only allows you to pin files that "belong" to the program, Extender lets you go the extra mile to pin not only any file, but folders too. Add any shortcut you want for quick access!

Extend Your Programs using AutoHotKey -- Using built-in AutoHotKey scripting, you can create advanced task extensions that let you to do way more than a regular keyboard shortcut would do! You can type details in a login dialog, issue commands across multiple windows, or do advanced things like upload your open work to the web. With the classic AutoHotKey utility, the sky's the limit!

Upload and Import Jumplist Packs -- As a power user, you can take advantage of your friends' Jumplist Packs! Download tech-savvy Jumplist Packs, import them into your program of choice, and enjoy the easy productivity boost! If you're a developer, you can export your packs and send your tech-savvy work to your friends!

I've found Jumplist Extender to be one of the most useful desktop enhancements for Windows 7. I've added links that start my various virtual machines to my Virtualbox icon, links that connect to the servers I regularly upload to to my Filezilla icon, etc. It's easy and just works.

Rating: 4.5
Operating System: Windows 7
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Version Tested: 0.2-C
Web Site: http://jumplist.gsdn-media.com/site/Main_Page

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