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IECookiesView -- Easily View, Delete and Modify IE Cookies

IE 6 has a way to view and delete cookies, but it is very primitive compared to what can be done in current versions of Firefox and Opera. With any luck IE 7 will bring some much needed improvement to this area. However, even if it does, I doubt it will be as nice as IECookiesView from Nirsoft. IECookiesView is a tiny program that requires no install, but as a nice interface and a lot of powerful features. Here's what the Nirsoft web site says:

nMacro Recorder -- Keystroke and Mouse Movement Macros

I occasionally get requests for very specific software, but I never expected a recent request as I found the original program next to useless: the Windows 3.1 macro recorder. This was a very simple program that would record keystrokes and mouse movement/clicks and play them back. Apparently there were two views on the program. One either thought it was great or thought it was useless. It looks like only a small minority thought it was useful as it disappeared with the release of Windows 95 and never returned.

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Powerpro -- The Ultimate Windows Utility

I discovered a freeware program for Windows 3.1 called Stiletto in the early 1990s. On the surface, it was a bar you could launch programs from. But the author, Bruce Switzer, just kept adding features to it. It seemed like a new version with even more features came out every month. It quickly became the most important desktop enhancement/utility program on my computer. When Windows 95 arrived, the author rewrote the program for 9x based systems and made the new 9x version shareware.

What's Running -- Discover Running Programs and Services

What's Running is a handy little program that will give you a lot of information about what is running on your system. (Don't let the slow web site turn you off. The program is a much faster that its web site.) What's Running is something like Task Manager, except it tells you a lot more about what is running on your computer.

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Copernic Desktop Search -- New Version 2.0 Released

There are a number of free programs that would like to be your desktop search engine. I've tried a number of them and with one exception have found them either too resource hungry, too inconvenient in the presentation of search results, or both. The exception has been the less known Copernic Desktop Search. Version 1.x of this program indexed rapidly, but left your computer usable while it indexed instead of slowly everything else to a crawl.

Tame 5.0 Makes Using Old DOS Apps a Pleasure

If you've been using a computer for many years, you probably remember DOS and probably have an old DOS application or two that you really miss, but just does not run well under Windows XP. Your old DOS program just does not play well with Windows XP. It polls the keyboard constantly and never releases control to Windows when it idles, bringing every other application on your system to a crawl.

TaskSwitchXP -- Replacement Alt-Tab Manager

You can press Alt-Tab in Windows to easily select from your open windows, but to use it effectively, you have to remember which icon goes with which window. This can be hard if you have multiple copies of the same window open. TaskSwitchXP is a replacement for the builtin Alt-Tab function. It adds a number of new features -- including a thumbnail preview of the program that will be switched to.

Here is how the TaskSwitchXP web site describes the program:

ClipMagic (a Clipboard Extender) is Now Freeware

While I personally prefer Clipmate, I've used ClipMagic before and now that it is freeware it is definitely the best of the free clipboard extender programs. A clipboard extender saves copies of everything you put in your clipboard so you can use it later. This makes Windows programs much more convenient to use. You can copy a number of things from various sources and then paste them into another document in any order.

Utility Software Posts from the Old Blog

The following posts were made in the old Thingamablog version of this blog, the read more links will take you directly to them.

FreeRAM XP Pro -- Freeware Memory Manager/Optimizer

Posted on Monday, July 24, 2006 at 4:38 PM by Randall

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