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XTail -- Watch Log Files In Real Time

If you run a server on your system or have other programs that generate text file activity logs, XTail will allow you to watch the file update in real time. Linux has a "tail" command that allows you to watch a file like this. XTail is a similar program for Windows that has a friendly graphic interface and can display multiple log files in multiple child windows.

Its feature list includes:

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SmartStartMenu -- A Start Menu Replacement For Keyboarders

If you prefer the keyboard to the mouse or dislike the apparently random nature of the Start Menu, SmartStartMenu may be for you. It's an "address bar" like area for your taskbar (or desktop) that lets you start programs and other items in your start menu by typing their name (or even a few letters of their name if you set things up that way). You can even have it scan other folders if you don't keep everything in your start menu. It is a replacement for both the start menu and the run box.

Stickies Updated -- On Screen "Post-It" Notes

Over a year ago, I reviewed Stickies 5.2b. Stickies 6.0a has finally been released. The new version a major update with several screens full of new features, changes and bug fixes listed on the Stickies web site. There are far too many new features to list here, but these four stand out in my eyes:

Net Traffic Meter -- Monitor Your Network Traffic

I wish I had found this powerful, free utility a couple of days ago. Over the weekend I was trying to see if communicating with Kubuntu -- which I run in a VMWare virtual machine and communicate with via a ssh network connection -- was faster over a VMware host network connection or a real network connection. I went through all sorts of time consuming gyrations to try to determine which was more efficient method of communication between my "real" XP system and my virtual Kubuntu system.

Asterisk Logger -- Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks

Many Windows programs (e.g. CuteFTP, CoffeeCup Free FTP, VNC, IncrediMail, Outlook Express, etc.) require passwords and will save them so you don't have to enter them every time. Of course, if you entered them last six months ago, you probably do not remember them now.

QuickType -- Turn ClearType On and Off Easily

Microsoft's ClearType can make text on LCD screens and some CRT monitors much more readable. However, if you use ClearType and design documents or web pages that others will have to read, you often need to see what the text, especially small text, will look like without ClearType -- as what looks great on your system with ClearType may be unreadable without ClearType. The standard Microsoft way of turning ClearType on and off is a real pain for quick changes back and forth.

Net Profiles -- Change Laptop Network Settings Easily

I received email a few days ago asking if I knew of a program that would allow one to define groups of network settings to make it easy to move a laptop between home and office without having to reconfigure the network settings every time. I don't have a laptop, so I've never experienced this special hell first hand, but with a bit of searching, I discovered a freeware program, Net Profiles, that looks like it should turn network hell into network heaven.

Microsoft Reader -- Free Reader for .lit ebook files

Ebooks have never really caught on with most readers as ebook reader gadgets are expensive and ebooks generally are not cheap enough compared to paperbacks to make up the difference. There are also several non-compatible forms of ebook file, which generally require separate ebook reader gadgets.

Close All Windows -- With Just One Click

If you use a lot of programs at once and have to shut them all down in a hurry, you know what a pain this can be. Click on a window, click on the close button. Repeat for each window of each program you are using. Close All Windows is a simple, single purpose tool that allows you to close all your open programs with one mouse click. Create a shortcut to the Close All Windows program in your quicklaunch bar and all you have to do is click on the Close All Windows icon to shut down all your open windows.

Xming -- Standalone Freeware Windows X Server

If you need to access a system running a version of unix from your windows system, you can take advantage of the client server design of the unix X-Windows server to have programs from the unix system display directly on your Windows machine's monitor where you can use them just like you were sitting at the unix machine. The catch is that you have to have a Windows X-Server running on your Windows system. Commercial X-Server programs are expensive -- sometimes very expensive.


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