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Stickies Updated -- On Screen "Post-It" Notes

Over a year ago, I reviewed Stickies 5.2b. Stickies 6.0a has finally been released. The new version a major update with several screens full of new features, changes and bug fixes listed on the Stickies web site. There are far too many new features to list here, but these four stand out in my eyes:

QuickType -- Turn ClearType On and Off Easily

Microsoft's ClearType can make text on LCD screens and some CRT monitors much more readable. However, if you use ClearType and design documents or web pages that others will have to read, you often need to see what the text, especially small text, will look like without ClearType -- as what looks great on your system with ClearType may be unreadable without ClearType. The standard Microsoft way of turning ClearType on and off is a real pain for quick changes back and forth.

OE QuoteFix -- Standard Quoting for Outlook Express

I wrote about Outlook QuoteFix a few days ago. I've just noticed that the author has a version of this quote fixing program for Outlook Express as well, called OE QuoteFix. In addition to the features I described in my post on Outlook QuoteFix, OE QuoteFix can colorize quotes in displayed messages, allow use of random signatures, and more.

Outlook QuoteFix -- Standard Quoting For Outlook

I recently switched from Thunderbird to Outlook 2003 because I needed some of the features Outlook has that Thunderbird does not yet do well (like complex filters and solid PIM functions). I had not used Outlook regularly since Outlook 98, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Outlook has actually become a usable mail client over the last ten years (although it sounds like Outlook 2007 regresses by using Word to display HTML email sans CSS).

VicMan's DataBase -- Freeware Database Program

There aren't many freeware general purpose database programs. VicMan's Database is one of the few I've discovered with any real power. Unfortunately, despite the claims of it's author, it is not all that intuitive to use. Fortunately, the help file explains how to actually use the program, although it really assumes you know about databases.

From the program's web site:

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Microsoft Reader -- Free Reader for .lit ebook files

Ebooks have never really caught on with most readers as ebook reader gadgets are expensive and ebooks generally are not cheap enough compared to paperbacks to make up the difference. There are also several non-compatible forms of ebook file, which generally require separate ebook reader gadgets.

Office Accounting Express 2007 -- Free from Microsoft

Own a small business and need an accounting program, but don't want to pay for one? Microsoft has a new offering in their free "Express Edition" program that may be be the solution to your small business accounting needs: Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007.

According to the Microsoft web site:

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Copernic Desktop Search -- New Version 2.0 Released

There are a number of free programs that would like to be your desktop search engine. I've tried a number of them and with one exception have found them either too resource hungry, too inconvenient in the presentation of search results, or both. The exception has been the less known Copernic Desktop Search. Version 1.x of this program indexed rapidly, but left your computer usable while it indexed instead of slowly everything else to a crawl.

ClipMagic (a Clipboard Extender) is Now Freeware

While I personally prefer Clipmate, I've used ClipMagic before and now that it is freeware it is definitely the best of the free clipboard extender programs. A clipboard extender saves copies of everything you put in your clipboard so you can use it later. This makes Windows programs much more convenient to use. You can copy a number of things from various sources and then paste them into another document in any order.

Office Software Posts from the Old Blog

The following posts were made in the old Thingamablog version of this blog, the read more links will take you directly to them.

dafont.com -- Almost 7000 Freeware & Shareware Fonts

Posted on Wednesday, August 16, 2006 at 2:35 PM by Randall

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