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PDFedit -- PDF Editor for Linux

The PDF document format has become an industry standard and many Linux office programs can produce a document in PDF format without any additional software or special printer drivers needed. Editing a PDF document directly, however, has been hard in Linux due to a lack of a well-designed PDF editor (commercial or open source).

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Jarte -- Free Word Processor

Word processor programs have become monsters in recent years with so may features that writing a simple letter or report can be hard due to feature bloat. The basic features one needs for everyday writing tasks are lost in menus and toolbars among all the features that most people do not use (or even understand) but are loved by marketing people who need "New Features!!!" to convince people to spend money buying the latest and greatest upgrade (that few people really need).

AuthorPoint Lite - Convert PowerPoint to Flash (Discovery)

PowerPoint is the standard presentation program for most of the business world, but PowerPoint files make very poor web presentations. AuthorPoint Lite is a freeware program that converts a PowerPoint presentation file (.ppt or .pps) to a Flash file (.swf) that can be uploaded to the web and viewed by almost everyone (as almost everyone has the Flash plugin already installed in their browser).

Outlook Calendar on the Desktp (Discovery)

If you use Microsoft Outlook 2000 SR-1 or higher, Outlook on the Desktop will put the Outlook Calendering System on your desktop. It's not just a picture of the calendar, it's the Outlook Calendar so you get all of its functionality. You can edit entries, drag and drop files to it, etc. If you live in the Outlook Calendar as many people do, you will want to take a look at this application.

HandyFind -- Finds Words As You Type (Discovery)

Bringing up a find dialog box can be a pain in some peograms -- and other programs don't even offer a search feature. HandyFind makes searching text easy in most Windows programs. Type the hot key (control-space is the default) and start typing your search term. The highlight will jump to the first match. Use the arrow keys to find the next or previous match. Esc or a mouse click exits search mode. It's simple, fast, and works in most Windows programs -- a nifty and useful program.

Allow Empty Subject Thunderbird Extension

My wife likes to email me urls, but doesn't like to have to type a subject. The new Thunderbird 2.0 pops up a warning dialog when you leave the subject blank and does not provide a way to turn this warning off. This extension simply disables the empty subject line warning.

Operating System: Thunderbird 2 Extension
Price: Free
Web Site: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/305

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Remote Images in Thunderbird 2

Thunderbird 2 has taken remote image blocking to extremes. They have removed the option to allow remote images to display from the options dialog in an attempt to force users to add every address from which they they want to see images in emails to their address book. The idea of a whitelist is good but it needs to be separate from the address book -- at least I don't want my address book cluttered with lots of addresses I will never use.

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Thunderbird 2 Available Now

The Mozilla folks released Thunderbird 2 last night. I haven't had a chance to play with it as I don't do major program updates on busy days, but it looks very good. All the nice features of Thunderbird 1.5 plus the following new features (from the release notes):

* Message Tags: Create your own tags for organizing email. Messages can be assigned any number of tags. Tags can be combined with saved searches and mail views to make it easier to organize email.

TiddlyWiki -- Local Wiki (Discovery)

With the popularity of Wikipedia, wikis are all the rage. TiddlyWiki is a wiki designed to run in a browser from a single file on your computer -- all the code is in javascript and is contained in the document. You can use it for notekeeping or to design a one page dynamic web site that you can upload to a server for others to view (but not modify).

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Documeron -- Recent Documents Superpowered

Have you ever been able to remember working on a specific document on Tuesday or Wednesday three weeks ago -- but had no idea what you called the document or what directory it ended up in? And did you need that document right now because a client or your boss is breathing down your neck? Did you feel like a fool madly bring up directory after directory hoping one of the file names would ring a bell in your mind?


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