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Download YouTube (and other) Video Clips with a Browser Bookmarklet

There are a number of web site you can go through to download videos from sites like YouTube to your one system, like KeepVid -- but you have to wonder if such sites are tracking what you do.

Audiograbber -- Rip Your CDs

There are a number of well-known programs for ripping music from your CD collection to your computer. Recently, I was asked to recommend a program that was easy to use for beginners, but that could work with a variety of MP3 encoders. This was hard as they ALL seem easy to me, but after looking around, Audiograbber seemed to fit the requested feature list.

Microsoft Reader -- Free Reader for .lit ebook files

Ebooks have never really caught on with most readers as ebook reader gadgets are expensive and ebooks generally are not cheap enough compared to paperbacks to make up the difference. There are also several non-compatible forms of ebook file, which generally require separate ebook reader gadgets.

StationRipper -- Record mp3s from Internet Radio

Back when I was a teen, I got a lot of free music by recording it off the radio on cassette or 8-track tapes. (I know I'm dating myself by mentioning I had an 8-track recorder.) This was a free and legal way to get copies of music. Heck, one local station would play an album straight through so you could easily record it without ads. While the RIAA hasn't yet managed to criminalize recording from the radio in the US, radio isn't what it used to be.

Pandora's Jar -- Automatically Save Pandora Music As MP3s

If you like music, you've probably heard of Pandora, a streaming music discovery web application. You give Pandora an artist or a song you like and it creates an online radio station based on that artist or song -- finding and playing songs it considers similar. Amazingly, Pandora generally does a good job understanding "similar" so it's a great way to discover new songs and artists you might like.

Multimedia Software Posts from the Old Blog

The following posts were made in the old Thingamablog version of this blog, the read more links will take you directly to them.

SysTrayPlay -- Small MP3 Player with Hefty Features

Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 8:11 PM by Randall

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