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Site Mapping Tool -- Generate a Site Map of your Web Site

Site maps are a formatted listing of all the public pages of your web site. Even you do not want to post a full site map on your web site for your visitors, they are useful for search engines like Google and Yahoo as they allow the engine to easily find and index all the pages on your web site no matter how deeply buried they are. There are a number of high priced programs that will generate a site map for you -- or you can use AuditMyPc.com's free Site Map Generator.

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Download YouTube (and other) Video Clips with a Browser Bookmarklet

There are a number of web site you can go through to download videos from sites like YouTube to your one system, like KeepVid -- but you have to wonder if such sites are tracking what you do.

Net Traffic Meter -- Monitor Your Network Traffic

I wish I had found this powerful, free utility a couple of days ago. Over the weekend I was trying to see if communicating with Kubuntu -- which I run in a VMWare virtual machine and communicate with via a ssh network connection -- was faster over a VMware host network connection or a real network connection. I went through all sorts of time consuming gyrations to try to determine which was more efficient method of communication between my "real" XP system and my virtual Kubuntu system.

FreePops -- Read Web Mail In Your Mail Client

FreePops is an interesting program that will allow you to read email from a very large number of supported WebMail sites in your mail client of choice (Thunderbird, Outlook, The Bat!) etc. It does this by setting up a simple POP3 server on your system that will get the mail from supported Webmail sites and route it to your mail client. Different web mail sites are supported by plugins written in the relatively simple LUA programming language -- the author provides and maintains some while others are written by third parties.

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OE QuoteFix -- Standard Quoting for Outlook Express

I wrote about Outlook QuoteFix a few days ago. I've just noticed that the author has a version of this quote fixing program for Outlook Express as well, called OE QuoteFix. In addition to the features I described in my post on Outlook QuoteFix, OE QuoteFix can colorize quotes in displayed messages, allow use of random signatures, and more.

Outlook QuoteFix -- Standard Quoting For Outlook

I recently switched from Thunderbird to Outlook 2003 because I needed some of the features Outlook has that Thunderbird does not yet do well (like complex filters and solid PIM functions). I had not used Outlook regularly since Outlook 98, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Outlook has actually become a usable mail client over the last ten years (although it sounds like Outlook 2007 regresses by using Word to display HTML email sans CSS).

Net Profiles -- Change Laptop Network Settings Easily

I received email a few days ago asking if I knew of a program that would allow one to define groups of network settings to make it easy to move a laptop between home and office without having to reconfigure the network settings every time. I don't have a laptop, so I've never experienced this special hell first hand, but with a bit of searching, I discovered a freeware program, Net Profiles, that looks like it should turn network hell into network heaven.

StationRipper -- Record mp3s from Internet Radio

Back when I was a teen, I got a lot of free music by recording it off the radio on cassette or 8-track tapes. (I know I'm dating myself by mentioning I had an 8-track recorder.) This was a free and legal way to get copies of music. Heck, one local station would play an album straight through so you could easily record it without ads. While the RIAA hasn't yet managed to criminalize recording from the radio in the US, radio isn't what it used to be.

Spyware Blaster -- Block Spyware From Installing

Spyware Blaster is an interesting concept. Instead of hunting for spyware installed on your computer, it tries to block common types of spyware from installing. It makes hundreds of common ActiveX spyware programs that can infest Internet Explorer think they are already installed -- blocking them from installing. It can also set Internet Explorer and Firefox to block a huge number of ad tracking cookies, making it much less likely that your web site visits can be tracked by Internet advertising companies.

Google Earth -- "Beta" Version 4 Released

Google leaves programs in "beta" long after most companies would have released a "release" version. In the case of the Google Earth beta, Google is just released its 4th major release and the program is still considered "beta." In case you are one of the rare people who has never heard of Google Earth, this program allows you to view Earth from space and then get very close to just about anywhere on the planet via satellite images. It's a lot of fun to play with and even has real world uses.


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