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Mr Weather -- Free Weather Tray Application

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, light on resources weather application for your Windows desktop, you'll want to consider Mr. Weather. It's amazing how heavy some desktop weather applications can get. Besides current conditions and a forecast, many weather applications are set up to display ads, weather maps, videos, etc., etc. That's great if you want all that, but its overkill if you just want to discover current conditions and the current forecast. Mr.

Vectorian Giotto -- Create Flash Animation without Coding (Now Free)

Flash Animation -- love it or hate it, chances are that you have to work with it at some point if you design or otherwise work with web sites. Programs to work with Flash beyond the "create a button' or "create a Flash ad banner" level are usually complex, require a lot of programming ability, and high priced. Thanks to Vertorian making their Vectorian Giotto program freeware in mid-April, this is no longer true.

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Streamwriter -- Easily Record Music From Internet Radio Stations

While the recoding companies would like people to think that they have to pay -- and often pay through the nose -- for music, there are still a number of ways to legally get music free via the Internet. There are thousands of Internet Radio stations for example, and it is perfectly legal (at least in the US) to record music from radio stations -- over the air or over the Internet. There are a large number of good payware programs for recording music from Internet radio stations. Most of them look better than streamWriter in the interface department, but few have useful features beyond those provided by the free streamWriter.

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CheckPlaces -- Check for Bad Bookmarks from Firefox

If you are like me, you have a huge collection of bookmarks in Firefox. I have some that I bookmarked years ago. I really need to go through my 1500+ bookmarks, look at each one, and decide if I still need it. However, I know this is something I will probably never have time to do. With CheckPlaces, I can at least let Firefox check each bookmark to be sure the web site still exists.

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FeedDemon -- Google Reader Friendly RSS Reader for Windows

Google Reader is probably the most popular RSS Feed Reader around. It allows you to follow RSS news feeds from your favorite web site in one place. And you can access Google Reader from any computer. Some people, however, prefer to use a RSS Reader program on their computer as these programs generally provide features that online RSS Readers -- like Google Reader -- do not.

Brief -- Fantastic RSS Feed Reader for Firefox

Ever since I moved to Linux, I've been looking for a RSS reader that I like as much as Great News. I have finally found one that comes very close in Brief. Brief is a Firefox extension that adds a very simple, Great news-like feed reader to Firefox. It even stores the feeds locally for as long as you like, and just like Great News "as long as you like" can differ with each feed. It does not have some of the whiz-bang features of Great News, but if has most of the ones I regularly used.

Crawler Parental Control -- Free Windows Parental Control Software

Many parents want some way to control their children's computer use: to help prevent them from accidentally (or purposely) accessing inappropriate sites, to prevent them from using the computer to play games when they should be using it to do their homework, etc. Most parental control software is not cheap, sometimes even requiring regular fees to keep it up to date and blocking the newest obviously inappropriate sites. Crawler Parental Control is freeware from the people who make Spyware Terminator.

FeedDemon Windows RSS Reader is Now Freeware

With version 2.6, Newsgator's popular FeedDemon newsreader for Windows is freeware. I personally prefer Great News for Windows and Liferea for Linux, but if you are looking for a feed reader, FeedDemon is definitely worth a look now that it is free. It has some special features that interact with Newsgator and consistently gets good reviews.

Here's FeedDemon's major features as listed on the FeedDemon web site:

Reading Feeds

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HFS -- HTTP File Server allows easy file serving via the Web

Have you ever wanted to set up a web server just so you can easily provide a few files to friends and family (or to yourself when you are at another computer) via a program they understand - their web browser? If you've looked into this, you've probably discovered that setting up a full web server is a lot of work. HFS (HTTP File Server) makes it easy. Install the program, add the files you want to make available to a list, create user accounts for those you want to have access to the files, and you are set.

Ashampoo ClipFinder -- Find and Download Onlive Video

Ashampoo ClipFinder is a freeware program that lets you search online video portals like Youtube by keywords and view and/or download the videos it finds. Most programs for video downloading are browser addins that allow you to try to save the video playing on a page you are viewing. ClipFinder takes a different approach. It searches video sites for videos managing a search term and allows you to view and/or download one or more of the videos it finds.


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