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Streamwriter -- Easily Record Music From Internet Radio Stations

While the recoding companies would like people to think that they have to pay -- and often pay through the nose -- for music, there are still a number of ways to legally get music free via the Internet. There are thousands of Internet Radio stations for example, and it is perfectly legal (at least in the US) to record music from radio stations -- over the air or over the Internet. There are a large number of good payware programs for recording music from Internet radio stations. Most of them look better than streamWriter in the interface department, but few have useful features beyond those provided by the free streamWriter.

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Tunestor -- Down Music from Internet to IPod in Just Two Clicks (Discovery)

I don't have an Ipod, but Tunstor looks like a great program for those who do. It lets you right click on an mp3 file download link on the web, select "Download Directly to iTunes" and Tunestor automates everything: "it automatically downloads the file to its music folder and adds it to the Tunestor playlist in iTunes. When you connect your iPod to your computer, all the music downloaded in this playlist will automatically get copied to your iPod!" This sounds like it would be a lot faster than manually downloading a file to a folder and then adding it to iTunes.

StationRipper -- Record mp3s from Internet Radio

Back when I was a teen, I got a lot of free music by recording it off the radio on cassette or 8-track tapes. (I know I'm dating myself by mentioning I had an 8-track recorder.) This was a free and legal way to get copies of music. Heck, one local station would play an album straight through so you could easily record it without ads. While the RIAA hasn't yet managed to criminalize recording from the radio in the US, radio isn't what it used to be.

Pandora's Jar -- Automatically Save Pandora Music As MP3s

If you like music, you've probably heard of Pandora, a streaming music discovery web application. You give Pandora an artist or a song you like and it creates an online radio station based on that artist or song -- finding and playing songs it considers similar. Amazingly, Pandora generally does a good job understanding "similar" so it's a great way to discover new songs and artists you might like.

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