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FilterFox -- Free Content Filter for Firefox (Discovery)

While nothing can replace parental supervision, a filtering program can help prevent stumbling across content unsuitable for your child. You can pay money for a content filter and often have little control over what it filters -- some commercial filters protect from political and religious sites that upset their corporate leaders as well as from p*rn, for example.

FoxFilter is a free content filter extension for the Firefox browser that you control.

TiddlyWiki -- Local Wiki (Discovery)

With the popularity of Wikipedia, wikis are all the rage. TiddlyWiki is a wiki designed to run in a browser from a single file on your computer -- all the code is in javascript and is contained in the document. You can use it for notekeeping or to design a one page dynamic web site that you can upload to a server for others to view (but not modify).

Wordpress category:

IE Pro -- Ultimate Addon for IE (Discovery)

If you use Internet Explorer 7, but would like some of the many features in popular addons for Firefox (like adblocking, greasemonkey scripting, etc.), give IE Pro a try. It is still in beta, but already adds a lot of features to IE as this feature list from the IE Pro web site demonstrates:

* Easier Tab Management
* AD Blocker
* Super Drag and Drop
* Mouse Gesture
* Save Page to Image
* Proxy Switcher
* Crash Recovery
* Greasymonkey alike User Script

Shadow Armada (Discovery)

This looks like a very professional job for a freeware game. It can be played by one player or by multiple players via the Net.

From the Shadow Armada web site:

Shadow Armada is a turn-based action game where your objective is to destroy all enemy ships. You have a large arsenal of missiles, and many different kinds of ships to accomplish this with. As far as I know most bugs in this are fixed and it runs smoothly. The network coding's stable too!

DVDFab Decrypter (Discovery)

I suspect this program is illegal in many countries -- those that have a law similiar to the draconian DMCA in the United States. However, if you are lucky enough to live in a country where buyers have more rights than sellers, this program may be able to help you make backup copies of your DVD movies or make copies that can be played on non-Windows operating systems.

YouTube Downloader [Discovery]

This single function program lets you plug in a youtube video url and it downloads the video to the folder of your choice in an .avi or .mpeg format that can be played in Windows Media Player. No need for a special player.

From the YouTube Downloader web site:

YouTube Downloader is a free tool that downloads videos from youtube and saves it as Avi file to your local computer. Simply paste the URL of a video into the program, press Start, and the AVI or MPEG file will be downloaded into the selected folder.

SideSlide -- Dockable Desktop Extender [Discovery]

SideSlide looks interesting. It is like an extra desktop that you dock to the side of your screen that can hold shortcuts, notes, etc. that stay out of your ways until you need them.

Discoveries -- Short Notes About Possibly Interested Software Gadgets

I come across an interesting software gadget almost every day as I cruise the web. Unfortunately, I don't have time to download and test every gadget-like program I see -- especially if neither I nor my associates have an immediate use for the program.


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