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Discoveries -- Short Notes About Possibly Interested Software Gadgets

I come across an interesting software gadget almost every day as I cruise the web. Unfortunately, I don't have time to download and test every gadget-like program I see -- especially if neither I nor my associates have an immediate use for the program.

Software Gadgets is Back

After over a month of fighting Thingamablog database problems (see this post on the "old blog" part of this site for more), I am happy to announce that Software Gadgets is back, hopefully better than ever.

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About this Site

The Software Gadgets blog lists interesting programs and online services for your computer -- most free, although a few shareware and commercial programs I really like make it into the listings. Programs and online services are listed because the author uses them or at least thinks others might want to. Unless mentioned otherwise in a specific post, the author receives nothing from the program's owners or resellers for the post.

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Software Gadgets: The WordPress Incarnation

As promised, I'm converting Software Gadgets from buggy Thingamablog to Wordpress. This make take a few more days. Until then you can find all 140 or so old posts right here.

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