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Updated Software Gadgets Site to Drupal 7

Drupal 7 has been out about a year. I just upgraded the Software Gadgets site as all the contributed modules I need for all my Drupal 6 sites have become available. The upgrade was relatively smooth with only a few problems to work out before I could make the new version of the site available.. I think all the major upgrade problems on this site have been fixed and all the content is available. Some things look different and some (hopefully minor) issues may have been missed.

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Restarting Software Gadgets in 2012

Software Gadgets hasn't been all that active in the past couple of years. I intend to change this in 2012. I will be adding limited coverage of MacOS X software. Unfortunately, I only have access to an older and somewhat hardware limited Mac. It runs OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) fine, but does not well OSX 10.7 Lion at all well, so I will be limited to software that will run on Snow Leopard. I've discovered that there is a lot of that to look at, however -- and it will all be fresh and new to me as the last time I played with a Mac it was running System 7 on a 68000 chip.

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A New Computer and Windows 7

My 2002 era XP machine died last week: the motherboard failed after years of 12-18 hour a day use. I decided not to replace the motherboard as even new P4 motherboards do not provide much support for "ancient" technology like IDE drives, AGP 4x video cards, etc. -- buying a new motherboard would mean replacing most of my peripherals as well. I finally decided to go with an Emachines ET1331G-03w.

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Software Gadgets Moves to Drupal

The first stage of the move to Drupal (from Wordpress) is finished. Software Gadgets is up and running with categories and comments again functional. There is a new Index page where all posts and pages are indexed in alphabetic order -- no need to guess the category. The anti-spam features on the comments are working. More features will be added with time, but this site is operational again.

You are probably wondering why I switched from Wordpress to Drupal. There are several reasons.

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Site in Chaos: Moving to Drupal

Software Gadgets is moving from Wordpress to Drupal and the site will be a bit messy for a while as I get it set up and configured nicely. Wordpress is a very nice blogging system, but it seems to use a lot more CPU time than my Drupal sites do. It's probably gotten a bit bloated with time and new features. Drupal, at least as I have it set up on my Linode VPS seems to be much more CPU efficient compared to Wordpress -- even with plugins like Supercache enabled on Wordpress. We'll see how it does under Drupal.

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I Return to Windows XP and Software Gadgets Returns to Life

I've been running Ubuntu as my primary operating system since the Fall of 2007. I ran Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) as my primary OS while running Windows XP SP2 in a VirtualBox virtual machine running in seamless mode to use the Windows program I just could not live without. (Seamless mode displays the Windows desktop and the Ubuntu Gnome desktop at the same time making it look like both Linux and Windows programs are running on the same machine -- no switching between the virtual desktop and the real desktop.)

Automated Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

I've finally upgraded to WordPress 2.5. My upgrade experience was quite good this time because I used the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin, version 1.1. Note that the version listed on the download link on the linkd page is "0.1" but it actually downloads the current 1.1 version of the plugin. I installed the plugin and started it.

Software Gadgets Returns in 2008

It's been several months since Software Gadgets had regular updates. There have been several reasons for this:

1) Serious illness in the family. My wife has been diagnosed with oral cancer. Dealing with this has (and still is) taking time and energy. However, things are finally moving and the situation is improving.

2) I switched my computer from Windows XP as the primary OS (running Ubuntu in a VMWare virtual machine) to Ubuntu as the primary OS (Running XP in Virtualbox seamless mode). This means I am trying fewer Windows programs and more Linux programs.

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About My System

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In early 2011, I bought a new computer so I could give my wife my old system. Her ancient system just wasn't up to handling her workload, so she now has my old eMachines ET1331G-03 but with a real sound card added. She is much more concerned about good sound than I am.

My new system is another inexpensive but powerful system. As I'm not a gamer, I would not be able to justify the cost of a high end system even without our poor financial situation (huge cancer bills to pay off with no medical insurance coverage). This time around the best combination of power and low price I could find was an HP p6774y -- which I bought at a very good sale price from my local Office Depot (of all places).

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XPLinux -- Running Linux on Windows with VMWare and Xming

As most people reading this blog probably know, I've decided not to upgrade to Vista. I would need a new computer and really have no need for one, other than to run Vista. I have, however, upgraded to 1 gig of RAM over the weekend and this has finally allowed me to run Windows and Linux together on one desktop.


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