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HFS -- HTTP File Server allows easy file serving via the Web

Have you ever wanted to set up a web server just so you can easily provide a few files to friends and family (or to yourself when you are at another computer) via a program they understand - their web browser? If you've looked into this, you've probably discovered that setting up a full web server is a lot of work. HFS (HTTP File Server) makes it easy. Install the program, add the files you want to make available to a list, create user accounts for those you want to have access to the files, and you are set.

WTF!? Music Info -- Show Graph of Music Files on Your Computer (Discovery)

You've probably seen programs that display a graph of the directories/folders on your computer so you can see which are taking the most space. WTF!? Music Info is a free program that analyzes the ID3v1, ID3v2, and ApeTags metadata in music files and displays a graph showing the size of your music collection by artist, genre, or year. This program will not earn many points for usefulness, but it is different and a lot of fun if you have a large music collection stored on your computer. Of course, you might not want to know that you have more Disco music than anything else.

Sizer -- Resize Any Window to an Exact Size (Discovery)

Sizer is a tiny program that lives in your Windows System Tray and allows you to easily resize windows (including many windows that do not normally allow you to resize them at all) to an exact size. You can resize your current window to a preset size from the Sizer menu in the system tray, from the window's system menu or from a menu that appears when you right-click a window's maximize button. You can define what sizes appear in these menus.

Software Gadgets Returns in 2008

It's been several months since Software Gadgets had regular updates. There have been several reasons for this:

1) Serious illness in the family. My wife has been diagnosed with oral cancer. Dealing with this has (and still is) taking time and energy. However, things are finally moving and the situation is improving.

2) I switched my computer from Windows XP as the primary OS (running Ubuntu in a VMWare virtual machine) to Ubuntu as the primary OS (Running XP in Virtualbox seamless mode). This means I am trying fewer Windows programs and more Linux programs.

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MP3Gain -- Give MP3 Files the Same Volume

If you have a lot of MP3 files, you probably are interrupted a number of times when you play a playlist to change the volume as at least one MP3 in your playlist is probably far too loud while others are not loud enough. MP3Gain corrects this by allowing you to select a group of MP3 files which it will "normalize" to a similar volume level/loudness. Better yet, MP3Gain does not re-encode the file to make its adjustments. You can adjust the volume repeatedly with MP3Gain without affecting the quality of the MP3 recording.

Jarte -- Free Word Processor

Word processor programs have become monsters in recent years with so may features that writing a simple letter or report can be hard due to feature bloat. The basic features one needs for everyday writing tasks are lost in menus and toolbars among all the features that most people do not use (or even understand) but are loved by marketing people who need "New Features!!!" to convince people to spend money buying the latest and greatest upgrade (that few people really need).

Incursion D20 Based Roguelike Game (Discovery)

Roguelike games are not for everyone as they lack all the pretty graphics that many people think are absolutely necessary for a good game. However, roguelike games have very deep gameplay hidden behind their text "graphics." Incursion is a new roguelike game of the standard fantasy dungeon hack-and-slash fest variety.

AuthorPoint Lite - Convert PowerPoint to Flash (Discovery)

PowerPoint is the standard presentation program for most of the business world, but PowerPoint files make very poor web presentations. AuthorPoint Lite is a freeware program that converts a PowerPoint presentation file (.ppt or .pps) to a Flash file (.swf) that can be uploaded to the web and viewed by almost everyone (as almost everyone has the Flash plugin already installed in their browser).

Emergence BASIC -- Free Programming Language (Discovery)

I remember when the BASIC programming language came on all computers. Most people did little more than play with it, but many people started a lifelong interest in programming or even made money writing programs with it. Emergence BASIC is a modern attempt to recapture that "anyone can program time" with a modern Windows operating system. The language is simple enough that anyone can learn to write simple programs, but complete enough for professional programming.

Free Flash Video (FLV) to AVI/MPEG/WMA Converter (Discovery)

Flash Video has become very common on the Internet with popular sites like YouTube using for all their videos. Unfortunately, if you download a Flash Video, you will discover that they are very hard to play on your PC as most video players do not play Flash Video. This freeware program will convert Flash Video files to AVI, MPEG, or WMV video files which can be played in Windows Media Player and other video players.


One of the primary uses of graphics software is to design logos for stationery, envelopes and business cards.

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