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Firefox CHM Reader for Linux and Windows

.CHM files are the "compiled HTML" files used for most Windows Help files. If you use Windows, they are easy to read. If you use Linux, it is not so easy. While there are several programs that will read and display CHM files, none of the work all that well for me. So I was very happy to discover CHM Reader for Firefox today.

CHM Reader is a Firefox extension that opens and displays .CHM files. While it is not perfect (text resizing that sticks from page to page would be very nice, for example), it works better than any other CHM file reader I've tried for Linux. It will even work when I click on a CHM file in Nautilus after I selected "Open with Other Application" then "Use a custom command" and typed "firefox chm:%U" in the input box.

This extension will work on either Linux or Windows (but apparently not on MacOS). Of course, if you use Windows, you don't really need it unless you just want to do everything you possibly can in Firefox. However, if you use Linux and still need to use Windows CHM help files (many e-books come in this format, for example), the Firefox CHM Reader extension is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Operating System: Windows and Linux and using Firefox
Price: Free
Web Site: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3235

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