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Automated Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

I've finally upgraded to WordPress 2.5. My upgrade experience was quite good this time because I used the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin, version 1.1. Note that the version listed on the download link on the linkd page is "0.1" but it actually downloads the current 1.1 version of the plugin. I installed the plugin and started it. It backed up my wordpress files and allowed me to download the backup, database and allowed me to download the back, it disabled all other plugins, fetched the 2.5 update from the Wordpress web site, installed it, allowed me run the 2.5 database update script, reactivated plugins, cleaned up after itself and exited. Very smooth and Far less work than doing it manually. Nats off to Keith Dsouza and Ronald Heureca for creating and maintaining a great plugin.

Operating System: Any Server Supporting Wordpress
Price: Free
Web Site: Click Here


That sounds pretty good! Everyone's been screaming about auto updating for a long time. I wouldn't feel safe trusting everything to a plugin, but it would probably avoid many errors that more novice users will likely make upon upgrading. I can upgrade in under 1 minute though these days (after learning how to get around an apache dedicated server), so I may be extraordinary!

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