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Brief -- Fantastic RSS Feed Reader for Firefox

Ever since I moved to Linux, I've been looking for a RSS reader that I like as much as Great News. I have finally found one that comes very close in Brief. Brief is a Firefox extension that adds a very simple, Great news-like feed reader to Firefox. It even stores the feeds locally for as long as you like, and just like Great News "as long as you like" can differ with each feed. It does not have some of the whiz-bang features of Great News, but if has most of the ones I regularly used.

From the Brief web description on addons.mozilla.org:

Brief makes reading RSS feeds as easy as it gets. It is designed to have the right set of features to be both powerful and simple. Brief stores feeds on your disk and presents them on a seamless, interactive page.

Easily mark articles as read and star the interesting ones. Browse your feeds anyway you want - view the unread or starred entries, display a single feed or a whole folder, show full entries or only their headlines. Quickly find a piece of news using full text search. Be notified when feeds are updated in the background and track the number of new entries using the status bar. Customize the Brief's look by creating your own styles. Use keyboard shortcuts to faster navigate through the pile of news.

The Overview on the Brief web site shows off the extension's major features very nicely. What I really like about Brief is that is uses Firefox to display feeds and web pages one visits from those feeds while Great News uses IE. Not only does Firefox provide a much safer browsing experience, but you can use all the nice Firefox extensions you are used to.

Operating System: Any Using Firefox
Price: Free
Web Site: http://brief.mozdev.org/

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Thanks for the tip, I'm a dedicated Firefox user and always looking for enhancements. I've been using the Sage extension which was a tad ordinary. Downloading Brief now!

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