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Sizer -- Resize Any Window to an Exact Size (Discovery)

Sizer is a tiny program that lives in your Windows System Tray and allows you to easily resize windows (including many windows that do not normally allow you to resize them at all) to an exact size. You can resize your current window to a preset size from the Sizer menu in the system tray, from the window's system menu or from a menu that appears when you right-click a window's maximize button. You can define what sizes appear in these menus.

When you resize a window interactively, by dragging a corner or edge, Sizer displays a small tooltip that shows the size of the window while you are resizing it. This allows easy resizing of a window to an exact pixel size. If you press and hold the control key while manually resizing, the window will snap to the nearest grid boundry. The grid size defaults to 10 pixels, but can be configured to whatever you want.

Finally, you can set up fixed windows sizes for the menu that not only resize a window, but move it to a specific location on your screen.

Sizer is a handy little program for Windows that provides a feature that you may have never missed before, but probably will find very useful once you have it.

Operating System: Windows
Price: Free
Web Site: http://www.brianapps.net/sizer.html

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