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HFS -- HTTP File Server allows easy file serving via the Web

Have you ever wanted to set up a web server just so you can easily provide a few files to friends and family (or to yourself when you are at another computer) via a program they understand - their web browser? If you've looked into this, you've probably discovered that setting up a full web server is a lot of work. HFS (HTTP File Server) makes it easy. Install the program, add the files you want to make available to a list, create user accounts for those you want to have access to the files, and you are set. You don't even have to create a web page listing the files available, HFS does that automatically.

While HFS just works out of the box. It has an expert mode with many more options and abilities. The author reports that it will even run under Wine on Linux.

Here are the major features of HFS:

Download and upload
Virtual file system
Highly customizable
HTML template
Bandwidth control
Easy/Expert mode
Full control over connections
Dynamic DNS updater

Operating System: Windows, Linux via WINE
Price: Free
Web Site: http://www.rejetto.com/hfs/

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