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MathCast -- Free Equation Editor (Discovery)

If you have to edit mathematical equations for homework, papers, or web pages, MathCast may the program for you. It is a freeware, standards-based equation editor that supports popular word processors as well as XML in web pages.

Here are some of MathCast's features from the MathCast web site:

* Works with popular word processors such as MS Word and OpenOffice.org Writer, allowing you to integrate mathematics into written documents of any type: equation sheets, lab reports, study guides, and so on. You can also use the equations in posters and presentations.

* Includes sharp rendering for on-screen reading and smooth rendering for high quality printing.

* Supports output to picture files, including: BMP, PNG (Portable Network Graphics, the web’s free and lossless graphic format), and EMF (Enhanced Metafiles).

* MathCast operates on MathML Presentation 2.0, today’s leading format for describing mathematics. MathML is based on XML, the web’s most extensible language.

* XHTML provides numerous advancements from surfing the net to enjoying web services. MathCast's most powerful feature Mathcasting allows you to work on all the <math> tags of an XHTML document, whilst keeping the rest of the markup untouched. This means you can work on all of the mathematics of a webpage together at the same time, in a way that is graphically mathematical, and then you can come back to reedit, whenever you need to.

* MathCast allows people to work together on mathematical lists over a LAN or across the Internet. Students can work on homework assignments together by quickly exchanging equations. This could also be a useful feature for online teaching.

Operating System: Windows 2000, XP
Price: Free
Web Site: http://mathcast.sourceforge.net/home.html

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