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Tunestor -- Down Music from Internet to IPod in Just Two Clicks (Discovery)

I don't have an Ipod, but Tunstor looks like a great program for those who do. It lets you right click on an mp3 file download link on the web, select "Download Directly to iTunes" and Tunestor automates everything: "it automatically downloads the file to its music folder and adds it to the Tunestor playlist in iTunes. When you connect your iPod to your computer, all the music downloaded in this playlist will automatically get copied to your iPod!" This sounds like it would be a lot faster than manually downloading a file to a folder and then adding it to iTunes.

Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
Special Requirements: iTunes 4.7+, either IE 6+ or Firefox 1.5+
Price: Free
Web Site: http://www.tunestor.com/

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