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ScholarCite -- Create Standards Compliant Bibliographies (Discovery)

I probably would have killed for a program like this when I was in high school and college. Of course, computers filled rooms back then and I didn't have one.

From the ScholarCite web site:

ScholarCite is a free program that helps you write standards compliant literature references. ScholarCite is very intuitive. Simply fill out some fields, and press "Write". The ScholarCite auto-generator then creates a  bibliography entry for your works cited list.

With ScholarCite, you no longer need to spend time researching different standards such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian and the Harvard System of Referencing. Furthermore, ScholarCite can automatically format the text, so you don't have to remember which parts should be italic, bold or underlined. And just in case you need help on how to fill out the fields, a HelpBox provides valuable tips.

This is a tiny, fast, and free alternative to some of the expensive citation programs out there. The install file for this version is only about 300K. Only one caveat: this is a version 1.0 program.

Operating System: Windows 9X - XP
Price: Free
Web Site: http://www.hollmen.dk/content/view/80/31/

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