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Remote Images in Thunderbird 2

Thunderbird 2 has taken remote image blocking to extremes. They have removed the option to allow remote images to display from the options dialog in an attempt to force users to add every address from which they they want to see images in emails to their address book. The idea of a whitelist is good but it needs to be separate from the address book -- at least I don't want my address book cluttered with lots of addresses I will never use.

I would rather lose a little privacy (loading remote images will let the sender know you read the email) for the convenience of just seeing the images and the convenience of not using my address book as a image whitelist, unfortunately the Thunderbird 2 designers decided that people should really not do this and removed the checkbox to turn this privacy protection feature off from the Options dialog.

The option is still available, however. It is just not easy to get to. Here's how to turn this feature off:

  1. Go to the Advanced Configuration Editor. (Bring up the Options dialog via the Tools menu, select the Advanced area in the dialog. Select the General tab of the Advanced area. Press the "Config Editor" button.)

  2. Scroll down through the configuration options until you find:


  3. Click on that option to highlight it.
  4. Right click on that option and select "Toggle" from the menu. The option should change to "user set" (from default) and its value should change from "true" to "false".
  5. Close the Advanced Configuration Editor. Select "Okay" in the options dialog.

Now remote images will display in any message you receive.

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Excellent and helpful tip - just what I was looking for.
Many thanks

thank you ---that was wonderful ...i have 3 computers running
thunderbird---two had 1.5 running on them when i upgraded, and
they didn't have this problem[because of original settings???]
but the new one went directly to thunderbird 2.0 ...and, it had the
problem ...thanks for everything!!!!!

Thank you! I remember how to do it in Thunderbird 1 but Thunderbird 2 seems to want me to block all remote images. I get regular newsletter emails and it's annoying going through them and clicking Display remote images every time. Thanks :)

Thanks for this trick, I've been using Thunderbird 1 with no issue and was then unable to see mails that included images.

Hello from France

Thank you. I knew I had changed this in earlier versions of Thunderbird but couldn't find what I needed in vesion 2. This fix is exactly what I was looking for.

You are my friend, THANKS A LOT, mozilla is not, why is it, that, just when they get it right, and it works, then they fix it?

Life saver!

[...] diz o Software Gadgets e bem, o Thunderbird 2 leva longe demais o bloqueio de imagens remotas (que paranóia…) nos [...]

Thank you for your help. I really didn't want my address book to become cluttered with mailinglist addresses too.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! That was so irritating.

Geez thanks so much for this had been trying to figure out how to turn that off for ages!

Just thought I'd say thanks for posting the details.


Bloody marvelous, I was really getting annoyed and was almost at a stage where I dumped Thunderbird.

Horrah! Thanks for this tip - hopefully they will listen and make it easier to manage as I nearly dumped it also because of this restriction!

Thank you so much! I have only been using Thunderbird for about a week, but this has been driving me crazy, and I was about ready to get rid of it.

Thx. Exactly what I need for some recent RSS-Feeds :-)
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