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Leylines -- Master of Magic-Like Game (Discovery)

I'm not much of a computer gamer. I tend to avoid the new, cutting edge, and expensive because I seldom play a game from start to finish before getting bored with it. One of the few that I really enjoy playing is an old DOS game from 1994 or so, Microprose's Master of Magic. Unfortunately, there was never been a remake or sequel for Windows. Master of Magic runs fine in DOSBox -- if you can find a copy. I was quite surprised to stumble across a freeware game called Leylines that while not quite a remake of Master of Master, is obviously cut from the same cloth.

From the Leylines web site:

Leylines is an intriguing turn-based strategy game of exploration and conquest. Set in a fantasy world, it lets you pit your armies, magic and commerce against up to seven opponents and a horde of barbarians. Start from a single city and work your way up to a grand empire. Train over fifty different units and cast over fifty different spells to gain the upper hand.

Featuring heroes, tactical combat, special resources, split-screen and hot-seat multiplayer modes, a random world generator, a map editor and an extensive tutorial.

I downloaded the game and quickly discovered that is really is very similar to Master of Magic. Will it have the same play value? I don't know yet, but I'm hopeful.

Operating System: Windows 98 , ME, 2K, XP (DirectX 7+), Linux version also
Price: Free
Web Site: http://crystalshard.net/leylines.htm

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You may already know this, but Master of Magic is freely available from Abandonia.com :-)

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