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FilterFox -- Free Content Filter for Firefox (Discovery)

While nothing can replace parental supervision, a filtering program can help prevent stumbling across content unsuitable for your child. You can pay money for a content filter and often have little control over what it filters -- some commercial filters protect from political and religious sites that upset their corporate leaders as well as from p*rn, for example.

FoxFilter is a free content filter extension for the Firefox browser that you control.

From the FoxFilter web site:

FoxFilter is a personal content filter and parental control tool, specifically for the FireFox Web browser, that helps prevent stumbling onto inappropriate content and block access to specific content and Web sites. FoxFilter also includes security features which require a password to change settings, access Tools/Add-ons and access "about:config".

FoxFilter utilizes customizable filtering preferences including keyword filters, sensitivity settings and URL exceptions. Designed primarily as a parental control tool, FoxFilter has also become very popular in schools and corporate environments as well.

If you are going to let your children roam the Internet unattended, this filter may not provent them from, seeing material you do not want them to see, but it sounds like a great back-up for parental supervision.

Operating System: Any running Firefox
Price: Freeware
Web Site: http://inspiredeffect.com/FoxFilter/

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