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Whats Its Color -- Find Dominant Colors of Images

Have you ever needed to find colors that will work good with an image, perhaps a logo or other image you need to design a web site's color scheme around? If you are not good with color, this can be a long and frustrating process of trail and error. The Whats Its Color web site makes this much easier.

The process is simple, you upload your picture (a gif, jpg, jpeg, or png file under 1 meg in size) to the web site. Answer a question about the image size and whether or not its background should be ignored and press a button. After a bit of processing, the image is displayed on a background that makes it look good and a list of the top ten visually dominant colors in the image are provided -- colors you could use in your web page design that will make it all look good together.

Uploaded images are stored under names only known by the server and are deleted from the server after ten minutes to help prevent third parties from obtaining your pictures. I'm not a color expert, but the colors this web site suggests look like they would work on the pictures I've tried. If nothing else, they give color clueless people like me a place to start other than a random guess. Give it a try.

Rating: 5.0
Price: Free
Web Site: http://whatsitscolor.com/

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