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Site Mapping Tool -- Generate a Site Map of your Web Site

Site maps are a formatted listing of all the public pages of your web site. Even you do not want to post a full site map on your web site for your visitors, they are useful for search engines like Google and Yahoo as they allow the engine to easily find and index all the pages on your web site no matter how deeply buried they are. There are a number of high priced programs that will generate a site map for you -- or you can use AuditMyPc.com's free Site Map Generator. It's a Java program that runs from their web site and spiders your web site to create a site map. It's not quite click and go, but the generator's web site gives clear instructions on what the various options will do.

From the Site Map Generator's web page:

You'll love the report that is generated by this site mapping and orphan url tool which includes the following:

* Table of contents - Site information and timestamp that the sitemaps were created.
* Broken Link Report - Web pages that link to or contain links to pages that do not exist
* Listing of non http links - these include links such a javascript links, etc.
* Yahoo Sitemap Generator - Provides a list of URLs in HTML or Plain Text which can be used for submitting to search engines such as Yahoo.
* Sitemaps for websites - Creates sitemaps that can be included into your website for bots and visitors.
* Mimetype URL stats - Includes items such as image type and count, text, html etc.
* Sitemaps Stats - URLs by results, such as current state of page, skipped, etc.

If you have a web site, and do not have a current site map, visit this tool's web page now and get one.

Rating: 4.5
Operating System: Any with current version of Java
License: Free
Price: Free
Version: 1.42
Web Site: http://www.auditmypc.com/site-maps.asp

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