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Irfanview -- New Version (3.99) Released

As regular readers of this blog may remember, Irfanview is my favorite graphics viewer. You can read why I like it so much in my original review. I've tried a few more graphics viewers since that review and Irfanview is still my favorite. It's, small, powerful, easy to use, and free -- what more could one ask for? Apparently, many people ask author Irfan Skiljan for more every day, as new versions packed with more features roll out a couple of times every year. The latest version, Irfanview 3.99, has just been released. According to this list of new features from the Irfanview web site, version 3.99 has a lot of new features:

# Option to Search files (File menu or Thumbnails, Hotkey: CTRL+F)
# Support for PDF export (PlugIn) (Thanks to ComSquare AG)
# New Thumnails option: Load file list from TXT
# New zoom workwise: Centered zoom or based on old scroll position
# Zooming and scrolling is now possible in slideshow mode
# Many new effects added: Unsharp mask, Fish Eye etc. (Thanks to GENiEBEN)
# New Flash Plugin for Flash 5 or later! (Thanks to Remio)
# Option to transfer files by FTP (Thumbnails window, PlugIn)
# Option to set the Start folder (Properties->Misc 2)
# New image option: Auto adjust colors (Thanks to Andras Horvath, www.log69.com)
# New effect: Chromatic Aberration (Thanks to Thomas Strauss)
# Support for SIF format (Formats PlugIn)
# Support for PVR format (DreamCast Texture, Formats PlugIn)
# Support for AWD format (Artweaver Format, PlugIn)
# Support for VTF format (Valve Texture Format, PlugIn)
# WMF format check added, to avoid WMF vulnerability (Thanks to Jakub Debski)
# New Thumbnails sort options: Sort by portrait/landscape
# Fullscreen option: Use right mouse button for scrolling (Properties -> Misc 1)
# Fullscreen option: Set display multiplier (for wide screen displays)
# New placeholders for EXIF/IPTC: $E, $I => to load all EXIF/IPTC data
# Command line change for /resample! (see i_options.txt for examples)
# New command line options: /resize_long, /resize_short (see i_options.txt)
# New command line option: /panorama=(direction,file1,...,fileN)
# New command line options: /bright=value, /gamma=value
# Command line switch for /info: /fullinfo (write EXIF, IPTC and Comment)
# Updated CRW/CR2 PlugIn, please install newest Canon DLLs (see i_plugins.txt)
# Option to show a warning on ESC thumbnails exit (Thumbnails options)
# New options in dialog: Create custom selection
# Support for MP4 format (Quicktime PlugIn)
# At request of Luratech: JP2/JPM/LWF/LDF are not available in Batch mode
# New Hotkey: SHIFT + P = Copy current filename to clipboard
# Added YUV (4:2:0) format support to Formats PlugIn
# Help file format changed to CHM (Compatible with Windows Vista)
# Most PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions
# Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (add-all button, ANI/CUR loading, batch text)

Many of Irfanview's more specialized features are actually plugins, found in an optional download about six times the size of base Irfanview download (but that's still only 5+ megs). Go ahead and download the plugins. Many of them are for strange graphics formats you will likely never see, but there are gems -- like the new output to pdf plugin -- that make the plugins download well worth your while if you've decided to use Irfanview as your main graphics file viewer.

Rating: 5 Stars
Operating System: Windows
License: Commercial Freeware
Price: Free
Version Reviewed: 3.99
Web Site: http://www.irfanview.com/

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