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FireBug -- Firefox Extension for Web Designers

FireBug is a must-have Firefox extension for anyone interested in web site design. It allows you to explore web pages (your own to debug or others to learn from) an an intuitive and very useful way. FireBug's author describes the extension like this:

FireBug lets you explore the far corners of the DOM by keyboard or mouse. All of the tools you need to poke, prod, and monitor your JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ajax are brought together into one seamless experience, including a debugger, an error console, command line, and a variety of fun inspectors.

FireBug combines a number of useful tools in one cleanly designed and powerful extension. FireBug includes:

* JavaScript debugger for stepping through code one line at a time
* Status bar icon shows you when there is an error in a web page
* A console that shows errors from JavaScript and CSS
* Log messages from JavaScript in your web page to the console (bye bye "alert debugging")
* An JavaScript command line (no more "javascript:" in the URL bar)
* Spy on XMLHttpRequest traffic
* Inspect HTML source, computed style, events, layout and the DOM

If you are skilled web designer, these tools are just what you need. If you are just starting to design web pages, these tools provide a great way to examine your designs, debug javascript problems and examine pages online to see how they were made.

Rating: 4.0
Version: 0.4.1
Web Site: http://www.joehewitt.com/software/firebug/

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