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Extension Hunter -- Find Firefox 2.0 Extensions

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 is out. While it is not the major upgrade IE 7 was, it is still getting good reviews and is reportedly worth the download. I haven't downloaded it yet because one of my must have extensions, Tab Mix Plus, has not been updated for Firefox 2.0 yet (although the author is hard at work on it). One of the problems with major upgrades to Firefox is that they often break a number of your favorite extensions. Finding out what which extensions still work, which that do not have been updated and which have not can be a pain.

I discovered the Extension Hunter web site today. It's a list of all the Firefox extensions and themes that have been reported to work with Firefox 2.0. Over 900 extensions and themes are currently listed: with names, brief descriptions, user ratings, and links to the extension's home page. If you have updated to Firefox 2.0 or are wondering if the extensions you can't live without will work with 2.0, the Extension Hunter web site is the place to go. I even discovered a couple of nice looking extensions I did not know about.

Rating: 5.0
Web Site: http://www.extensionhunter.com/

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