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ErrorZilla -- A Better Error Page for Firefox

Like most browsers, Firefox displays a somewhat useless error page when it cannot connect to a web site for some reason. Usually, it has nothing to do with your system as suggested by the error page and hitting the reload button is unlikely to fix problems on the server end. ErrorZilla replaces this error page with one that not only looks better, but allows you to attempt several useful things in addition to the standard "Retry." You can press a button to attempt to view the page in Google's cache, in the Wayback Machine, or via Coralize. Other buttons let you try to ping the site, do a traceroute to the site, or use Whois to try to find out information about who owns the site. This is a very useful Firefox extension. I'd like to thank "Donkarl83" for suggesting this extension via email this weekend.

Rating: 5.0
Version: 0.2
Web Site: http://roachfiend.com/.../errorzilla-useful-error-pages-for-firefox/

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