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Tame 5.0 Makes Using Old DOS Apps a Pleasure

If you've been using a computer for many years, you probably remember DOS and probably have an old DOS application or two that you really miss, but just does not run well under Windows XP. Your old DOS program just does not play well with Windows XP. It polls the keyboard constantly and never releases control to Windows when it idles, bringing every other application on your system to a crawl.

The latest version of Tame from TameDOS solves this problem with most old DOS programs while greatly enhancing the look and feel of text-based DOS applications, bringing them into the modern world. Tame replaces the lame DOS window that XP uses with one of its own that not only matches your Windows XP visual style, but adds features to many old DOS programs:

  • Customize text display with rule based mapping. If your program can display text in different colors, you can display each color in a selected font. For example, if your DOS word processor displays blod text in red, you can make it display red text as bold.
  • Resize the Tame DOS window, the font size changes as needed or, with some programs, the actual number of rows and columns visible can be made to change as you resize the window
  • Advanced International character support breaks the codepage barrier
  • With many DOS programs, Tame will allow access Windows clipboard, to drag and drop and other windows features.

While most people don't need to run old DOS applications, a surprising number of people do either because their business has an old DOS application or two that still perform mission critical duties or because they have an old DOS application that they know well and would still like to use (XYWrite, for example). If you have to use a DOS application and it does not work well in Windows XP, give Tame a try. Tame is commercial software but it is low priced ($20 for a single user license) and is well worth the money if it makes your old "must have" DOS application functional again. You can download Tame and try it with your DOS applications for 30 days at no cost.

Tame has restored several of my favorite DOS applications to usefulness. I'm really impressed with it. The only thing I'm not impressed with is its documentation. Tame can do many things, but few of those things are well-explained by the docs.

Rating: 5.0
Operating System: Windows XP
License: Commercial (30 Day Demo)
Price: $20
Version: 5.0
Web Site: http://www.tamedos.com/

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